I can’t handle it.

This is excellent, especially for parents with multiple kids. Anyone out there feel like an overstressed Dad? Overstressed Mom? This is to the point, and right. Something I need to practice more.
Thank you, Wise Man. Your thoughts were much needed today!

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

In your everyday life, this is a false statement. You can handle it. You just don’t want to. Life gets stressful sometimes. Kids drive us crazy, bosses are overbearing, spouses are irritating. But you can handle it. Humans are some of the most amazing and resilient beings in the universe. I understand that life gets stressful, so I have some suggestions to help get you through the crazy bits.

First, stop thinking about yourself. I know you want calm and peace and quiet, but life isn’t going to just give it to you because you want it. So stop obsessing about what you want. The kid wants you to play with them? Just play with them. The spouse wants you to help pick up the house? Just help pick up the mess.Have more than one child and both are demanding attention? This is the tough one: Pick one and ignore…

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