The calm after the storm

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

Oh my goodness it has been a while. I really have no excuse for it, though if I really wanted to, I could fill a book with reasons. What it really boils down to is I haven’t made time for my blog. I have been filling every moment with family, work, and life. But I am back, and hopefully I can make a go at blogging again.

With multiple children now, I have found myself asking, begging, and demanding that my children ocassionally calm down. Yesterday, the contradicting nature of being calm struck me like our mini van when my wife is late for an appoiment… I’m kidding of course. My wife is an excellent driver and would never recklessly run me over with our mini van. She’d do it deliberately because I was the one who made us late.

The word calm can be used several ways. It is…

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