But I Did This and That!

The saying “Two is better than one” is perfectly described here. Appreciate the work your significant other has done, don’t compare to see if the workload between you both is perfectly even. “Equal” does not mean “the same”. Equal is very often different. Different chores, different demands, different effort required. What matters is not if your workloads were of the same weight, what matters is sitting down next to each other at the end of the day and appreciating each other.

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

Any parent will have heard this and likely said this at some point. They ask you to do something and you respond with, “but I’ve already [insert super difficult parenting job here].”

Why do we do that? Parenting should be a team effort, but why do we focus so hard on splitting the chores? I’ve heard of mothers telling their husbands that they “were up with the baby last night.” Please understand that I appreciate that they do that. But also understand that, during the middle of the night, men aren’t what the baby is looking for.

If your significant other uses this on you, it’s not fair, but be gracious and do what they ask anyway. But don’t feel entitled because you worked hard. They worked hard to. Maybe not the same work, but chances are that they are just as worn out and hoping for a break as…

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