And then I saw him
Sitting there against the wall
Head hanging, shoulders bowed
Skin once radiant with the light of the sun and the polish of gold
now dull and grey
Forever gouged and furrowed like a farmer’s field
Smooth strength broken
His hands, sinewed and callused and hard
Fingers long; long and clever
Now shackled and chained

Claws blunted and shorn

A ruin of a once Majestic thing.

And then
Then he opened his eyes.
And I knew they had been watching me the entire time.

And there, hidden away, deep inside those eyes
That he kept so carefully closed
I saw the Fire
And I knew this was no ruination
However they had banked and smothered
The fire still smoldered
And when at last they finished him
And left him there
Confidant in their victory over a broken thing

He would rise again