It has been two months. Oh my word, what has changed in two months!

My eldest has started kindergarten. I remember when he was little bitty, when his hair stood straight up and was pale blonde, making it look like he had dandelion fluff instead of hair! Now he’s six and doing school. Oh boy. But we’re homeschooling, so I actually get to spend more time with him than before! 🙂

The second change is that our daughter is now eating with a fork and a plate, is sleeping through the night, and is now weaned and just takes a sippy cup before bed.

This summer I had a nagging cold, and then I began to get some awful headaches, which for me is a sign that the cold had migrated and turned into a sinus infection. The ONLY reason I tested was because I wanted to be able to say “No, I’m not pregnant, dose me up and kill this thing!”

Good news: I didn’t have a sinus infection.

Better news: I’M PREGNANT!!!

Welcome to the third change. As of March, Rose will no longer be the youngest in the family. SURPRISE! Are you? Surprised? We were! And when I say surprised, I mean shocked, bamboozled, “How in the world did THAT happen?!”

Why, you ask? Why should we be so surprised? Haven’t we ever heard of the birds and the bees?

Yes, in fact, we have.

However, the fact that it happened is a miracle.

I will be telling the stories over the next few posts, but the long and short of it is that I never believed I would ever, ever, EVER get pregnant on my own. The only other natural pregnancy I had we lost, and since then I have needed medical intervention to succeed at conceiving. I have also needed medical intervention to make it possible to go full term.

Our last child, Rose, was full term. 🙂 And now I’m pregnant on my own!

I had to go in for blood tests and an ultrasound to figure out how far along I was. I had no symptoms beyond the headaches, and the fact that my jeans were not buttoning properly anymore. I attributed it to three weekends of birthday parties and consuming too much pizza and cake. Turns out I’m already three months along, due in March.

With this news, and reeling from it and adjusting to it, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on how God has given us each of our children, and their unique stories, and how much struggle Sackett Man and I have been through to be blessed with the amazing children we have. I would like to write them down, to share with those who wish to read it, and to have to show our kids when they’re older.

Hopefully the stories will be worth your reading! And I promise not to hold back when we learn if I should be decorating in pink or in blue. 🙂