The antisocial society

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

Introverts. The very name sends shivers down the spines of extroverts everywhere…


Seriously, I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to understand what being an introvert means. We are not actually antisocial. I love hanging out with people. I just can’t deal with it for extended periods of time or in rapid succession. So, I’ll try to demystify some of what being an introvert is.

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But I Did This and That!

The saying “Two is better than one” is perfectly described here. Appreciate the work your significant other has done, don’t compare to see if the workload between you both is perfectly even. “Equal” does not mean “the same”. Equal is very often different. Different chores, different demands, different effort required. What matters is not if your workloads were of the same weight, what matters is sitting down next to each other at the end of the day and appreciating each other.

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

Any parent will have heard this and likely said this at some point. They ask you to do something and you respond with, “but I’ve already [insert super difficult parenting job here].”

Why do we do that? Parenting should be a team effort, but why do we focus so hard on splitting the chores? I’ve heard of mothers telling their husbands that they “were up with the baby last night.” Please understand that I appreciate that they do that. But also understand that, during the middle of the night, men aren’t what the baby is looking for.

If your significant other uses this on you, it’s not fair, but be gracious and do what they ask anyway. But don’t feel entitled because you worked hard. They worked hard to. Maybe not the same work, but chances are that they are just as worn out and hoping for a break as…

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The calm after the storm

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

Oh my goodness it has been a while. I really have no excuse for it, though if I really wanted to, I could fill a book with reasons. What it really boils down to is I haven’t made time for my blog. I have been filling every moment with family, work, and life. But I am back, and hopefully I can make a go at blogging again.

With multiple children now, I have found myself asking, begging, and demanding that my children ocassionally calm down. Yesterday, the contradicting nature of being calm struck me like our mini van when my wife is late for an appoiment… I’m kidding of course. My wife is an excellent driver and would never recklessly run me over with our mini van. She’d do it deliberately because I was the one who made us late.

The word calm can be used several ways. It is…

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I can’t handle it.

This is excellent, especially for parents with multiple kids. Anyone out there feel like an overstressed Dad? Overstressed Mom? This is to the point, and right. Something I need to practice more.
Thank you, Wise Man. Your thoughts were much needed today!

A "Wise" Man's Thoughts

In your everyday life, this is a false statement. You can handle it. You just don’t want to. Life gets stressful sometimes. Kids drive us crazy, bosses are overbearing, spouses are irritating. But you can handle it. Humans are some of the most amazing and resilient beings in the universe. I understand that life gets stressful, so I have some suggestions to help get you through the crazy bits.

First, stop thinking about yourself. I know you want calm and peace and quiet, but life isn’t going to just give it to you because you want it. So stop obsessing about what you want. The kid wants you to play with them? Just play with them. The spouse wants you to help pick up the house? Just help pick up the mess.Have more than one child and both are demanding attention? This is the tough one: Pick one and ignore…

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