Thrill-Seeker, I am

Be amazed: I have driven the stick shift four wheeler for the first time ever! The snow plow was attached to the front for some added fun as I attempted to drive something that is not automatic. (Can you believe I’ve never, ever driven anything other than automatic before?)

I have to say, I was pretty thrilled. Super thrilled.

Now, I’m not comparing driving a four wheeler up and down my driveway, clearing snow, to something like… say… free-climbing a cliff over a pit of bubbling lava, but trying to manhandle something that doesn’t like being manhandled while shifting gears and going from neutral to first and raising the plow and lowering the plow and trying to hold it back when I push too hard on the throttle WAS pretty exciting. Especially when I hit the end of the driveway and had to turn around to head back up, hoping all the while that I wouldn’t stall just as a car came around the bend of road near our house. That would have been tragic.

At least, I think so.

The feat was accomplished, and I successfully went up and down again. As I headed back down the mile-long driveway, lined with trees, for the third time I felt very proud of myself and infinitely adventurous. I thought to myself: “I think I’m more of a thrill-seeker than I realize.”

I know that driving a four-wheeler shouldn’t warrant that kind of thought. But when Sackett Man told my father this morning what he was going to teach me, my dad said: “Watch out. Next thing you know you’ll look outside and catch her doing donuts on your front lawn.”


… I’d been hoping to keep my high school riding lawnmower adventures on the down low.

Of course, with the sparkling eyes that accompanied Sackett Man’s laughter, maybe he knows more than I think he does.

And that says something about him, too. Because he still taught me.