The Best Things in Life…

Having three small children means I don’t always have as much time as I would like to do art for myself. Just because I want to. But I managed to grab time recently, and it was so wonderful! There is nothing more wonderful than getting your fingers smudged and the side of your hands black from charcoal and graphite. “The best things in life are generally messy”; that’s what I like to tell Sackett Man.

I had so much fun that I made a new pact with myself: that I would make time to do art for art’s sake much, much more often. I pinterest way too much, anyway!

The day I made this decision was the day that in the morning, after a two cups of good hot coffee, I did an hour-and-a-half portrait of my baby girl. I sat down on my living room floor, hauled out my sketch-pad and my box of pencils, and got to work. I don’t know why I like to sit on the floor when I draw; but more often then not, that’s where I find myself, cross-legged and bent over. Maybe it’s leftover from my ballet days and doing all those floor-stretches. Either way, that’s where I was for the next hour-and-a-half, drawing my little Rose’s portrait.

She refused to sit for me, the little 8-monther! She preferred to roll around and sit up and chew on things. Imagine that!

Rosemary, Portrait

Rosemary, Portrait


Next in the Adventures Of…

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m an artist, and this week I get to fully indulge, to my great joy and excitement! (The laundry and dishes can wait, right?) I love homemade gifts, and a tradition I set with my own siblings is carrying over to my own children and nephews. Thrillsville! I love it! I make personalized superhero comic books. Each boy has a super hero created just for him, and then, either for a birthday or Christmas, they get a comic book adventure about “them”.

Comic_Book_RoughSo this year I’m making some combo comic books (since they’re for siblings), and all the great heroes will get to adventure together!

No, this photo is not the finished product. This is the Final Rough, before I do the final book.

Some Christmas adventures are in store for this year’s installment. Watch out, winter baddies!


Rosemary_Eating_BreadMy daughter is (somewhat) content to watch me while she gnaws on a piece of bread. As long as I have a camera for her to smile for. (What did I tell you about her blue eyes?)

So that is my plan for the week. Creating two superhero adventures. And putting up the last of the decorations before we put up the tree; I even found my Christmas dishes! (Thank you, Sackett Man, for organizing the boxes I haven’t unpacked yet into something completely neat and tidy and navigable.)

Also making some extremely yummy suppers, which means I need to dive into my recipe box today, too.

Stay tuned!

~ Mary