When to speak the truth (in love) – follow up to when he became a she

This is something I have spent thirty years struggling with, because the Church I grew up in— a WONDERFUL Church in many, many respects— also laid on the Script. The Guilt for not Witnessing correctly. The How-To in what witnessing meant. And in the years since, in walking with God and in living life and suffering life and enjoying life, I have to say that Anna sums it up really, really well. This is worth reading.
To paraphrase:
YOU don’t change people.
GOD changes people.
God says to tell them about Christ, and to love them. To help them when they need help, to hang out, to live a life that witnesses God even if you don’t say anything.
That will change people more than a scripted Witnessing. Ever.
So just be!

truth‌ in love2I am writing this in response to many of the comments/emails I received after my last post.

Holy cow.

The amount of people who engaged in that post was kinda overwhelming.

So, this is my response to much of the feedback I received. For those of you who know me, you know I tell it like I see it. As always, I’m being pretty transparent and you’re getting a wide look inside. Halving that said, this is my heart.  This comes from years of conversation with God and researching scripture for my own benefit on this question. Take it as you will.

The constant question for Christians seems to be this: when/how do you speak truth to someone? (I don’t even know if I like the way that question is worded. But, whatever. We’ll go with it for now)

When it comes to this topic, people love to use…

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